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Two-Piece Colostomy Bag, with Integrated Velcro Clamp, Open System

  • ISO, CE, FDA certified

    Flange Ranges: 45mm, 57mm, 75mm

    Colors: Skin, Transparent

    • Medical grade mild hydrocolloid baseplate, skin-firendly
    • 7-days endurable stickiness, easy to detach from the body
    • Velcro clamp design, easy to seal
    • Anti-wrapping non-woven tape extender design available, good for excerising
    • Wide choices of flange sizes, shapes and customization available
    • EVOH film material ensures high durability and resistance
    • Skin color and transparent color available, different colors for the patients privacy and doctor’s observation.
    • Round and V-shaped carbon filter available for absorbing bad odors.
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