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Disposable Insulin Pen needle

  • OEM/Upgrade/Customization Available
    Certifications: USFDA/CE/ISO13485
    Material: Stainless Steel+Plastic
    29G*4mm  29G*5mm  29G*6mm  29G*8mm  30G*4mm  30G*5mm  30G*6mm 30G*8mm  
    31G*4mm 31G*5mm 31G*6mm 31G*8mm  
    32G*4mm 32G*5mm 32G*mm 32G*8mm  
    Package: 100pcs/box 50box/carton
    Advantage:Designed with safety caps to prevent accidental needle sticks
    Patient Point with triple beveling is designed to minimize pain and discomfort during injections
    Available in different sizes (lengths and gauges) to accommodate the needs and preferences of users

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