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Hemodialysis Blood Line

  • Disposable Dialysis Blood Line
    Hemodialysis Dialysis Line; Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set; Blood Line

    OEM/Upgrade/Customization Available
    Certifications: USFDA/CE/ISO13485
    EO Sterile
    Package: 1pc/pack

    The use of medical grade precise injection molding machine and special treatment of the mold reduce the red blood cell rupture caused by the impact of blood on the inner wall of artery-venous drip chamber during dialysis;
    Sampling port with protective wings reduces the risk of puncture;
    Infusion set: the precise infusion set is operated on and off the machine promises the safe pre-rinsing;
    Waste bag: can be equipped with single and double chamber and sealed pre-rinsing function

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