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Safety Blood Collection Set - In-Vein I

  • Safety Blood Collection Set with or without Holder (In-Vein Retraction), The safety retraction can be activated while the cannula is still in vein.

    Sizes: 19G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G
    Needle Length: 3/4''
    Tube Length: 7'', 12''

    Product Advantages:
    * Safety mechanism to prevent needle-stick injuries and needle reuse.
    * Activate the safety feature with a simple retraction and secure lock while still attending to the patient and puncture site.
    * Sharp bevel, less pain to ensure patient’s comfort.
    * Complied with OSHA requirements.
    * With or without holder.
    * ISO color-coded wings.
    * CE and US FDA approved.

    Safety Secure:
    * After blood collecting, while the cannula is still in vein, push the safety sheath forward over the needle, the needle will be locked in the safety sheath permanently.
    * The risks from needle-stick injuries can largely decrease with other unsafe injection practices, such as needle reuse and improper medical waste collection.

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