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Vet Needle For Animals, Aluminium Hub

  • OEM/Upgrade/Customization Available
    Certifications: USFDA/CE/ISO13485
    14G x2"  14G x 1 1/2"  14Gx 1"  14G x 3/4"  14G x 5/8"
    16G x2"  16Gx1 1/2"   16Gx1"   16Gx3/4"   16Gx5/8"
    18G x2" 18Gx1 1/2" 18Gx1" 18Gx3/4" 18Gx5/8"  18Gx1/2"
    20Gx1 1/2"    20Gx1"   20Gx3/4"  20Gx1/2"

    Ultra-Sharp, Tri-bevelled, Anti-coring Needle
    Stainless Steel Cannula,
    EO Sterile
    Package: 2-Piece rigid pack

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